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I felt so safe to let the session go wherever it needed to go with Donna - especially because of her background as a therapist.”

I have some deep dark things in there & I felt confident she'd be able to hold space and navigate the session with ease”.

Brittany Herzberg

Do You Want to Discover the Secrets to Building Trusting, Respectful, and Deeply Connected Relationships?

If you're a successful single woman, you understand the importance of relationships built on deep trust, mutual respect, and profound emotional connection. Imagine a love life where:

  • Trust is Unwavering — You feel completely safe and secure, knowing your heart is in good hands.
  • Respect is Reciprocal — Every interaction is valued, affirming that your feelings and thoughts are honored.
  • Emotional Connections are Deep — Your most cherished feelings are shared and nurtured, creating a bond that grows stronger day by day.

Step into a new chapter of your love life, one where relationships not only flourish but also empower and fulfill you in ways you've only dreamed of.

It’s time. Right now. To unlock your heart’s full potential. Discover the keys to creating lasting, loving partnerships that align perfectly with your deepest values and dreams.

Are you ready to embrace the love you deserve and nurture the healthy, thriving relationships you’ve always wanted? 

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 I have been carrying guilt for most of my adult feminine life. The guilt has now receded. I feel like I have a renewed permission to live".  Irene D.

Melissa Lee

“I have worked with Donna barely a month into her program and have already seen profound changes in how I witness my behaviors. I came to Donna for help with effective communication and finding self acceptance.She has provided me a safe space and has been very patient with explaining psychological concepts. I have found clarity around communicating in my marriage and witnessing my ego when it comes out. Donna has helped me cultivate effective meditations, journaling exercises and given me plenty of support that I so needed and desired. Thank you for your incredible work Donna!”


Dream of a future where your relationships are built on a foundation of strength and mutual respect, capable of weathering any storm.


Envision yourself waking up daily to a partner who not only embraces your business savvy but also shares in your dreams, celebrates your successes, and offers unwavering support during the challenging moments.


Imagine a life where your business and personal relationships flourish in harmony. I'll guide you in creating a seamless balance, ensuring that your pursuit of professional success complements a nurturing, loving partnership.


Picture yourself breaking free from the invisible chains of limiting beliefs that have held you back.


Having a foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.


You will have the tools and mindset to navigate challenges, deepen your connection, and create a loving partnership that stands the test of time

Then you are in right place!


"The work we’ve had done together is rippling to own my emotions and communicate instead of making assumptions and accusations. I’m finding forgiveness for myself, honor my hurts, and healing towards my wholeness".

- DF




“These last 7 weeks are creating ripples  in my life that have turned into waves of great powerful beautiful change”.

- Colin

Hi, I am Donna. Nice to meet you!


As a Relationship Coach, Trauma Expert, and Akashic Records Healer, I am dedicated to empowering successful single women to transform their love lives and find their perfect life partner while balancing their business endeavors.

My approach is rooted in creating a safe and supportive space for my clients to explore their inner world, release limiting beliefs, and cultivate self-trust. Through a combination of therapeutic coaching techniques, trauma expertise, and the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records, I guide my clients on a transformative journey of attracting the relationship of THIER dreams.


During our coaching sessions, we will work together to identify and address any emotional blocks, past traumas, or limiting beliefs that may be hindering your ability to attract and maintain a fulfilling love life. Through tailored strategies and practical tools, I will help you cultivate a deep sense of self-worth, enhance your communication skills, and develop a strong foundation for healthy and loving relationships.

I believe that true transformation happens when we integrate mind, body, and spirit. That's why my coaching approach is holistic, encompassing various modalities to support your overall well-being. By combining therapeutic techniques, trauma healing, and the profound insights of the Akashic Records, we will unlock your full potential and create lasting change in your love life.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, release old patterns, and attract the love you deserve, I invite you to take the first step and schedule a Love Breakthrough Session.


Together, we will create a blueprint to transform your love life and achieve the harmonious balance between business and love that you desire.

My Mission
My mission help guide as many women as possible to experience LOVE on all levels.
To illuminate the path on how to heal from trauma without therapy, guiding you towards holistic freedom.
By tapping into the profound depths of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit,
I aim to awaken your natural healing abilities.
With this, you can overcome past traumas, harness your emotional intelligence, and cultivate genuine relationships.
By addressing these individual traumas, we can also mend broader community divides, creating a more harmonious society.
Together, our goal is to help you emerge as empowered beacons of change, embodying self-love, trust, and all-encompassing healing.
We’re a Perfect Match if you are…
💛Ready to stop believing you have to choose between your business/career or a relationship.
💛 Open to KNOWING you can have the relationship of your dreams.
💛Open to exploring vulnerability and embracing deep, meaningful connections.
💛Looking to regain self-trust and confidence in decision-making.
💛Seeking to heal and overcome unhealed trauma from past relationships and experiences.
💛Ready to break free from toxic relationships and create healthy connections.
💛Eager to find guidance and support in navigating personal and professional challenges.
💛Longing to feel seen, heard, supported, and loved on your journey.
💛Seeking healing and growth without the need for traditional therapy.
💛Looking for guidance and support while navigating the growth process.

Amy Schuber

"Donna is a powerful healer. Her intuition leads her straight to the matter at hand and she intuitively expands the healing to be exactly what is needed. In each session she’s clear and powerfully releasing precisely what was blocking me. Donna’s intuitive guided healing is a gift and I highly recommend working with her!

Bekah Finch

"This beautiful soul is a gifted, educated, and intuitive guide to body, mind, emotion, and soul transformation. I had a session yesterday and it was potent. I was amazed at her clarity and calmness as she worked me through some intense wound awareness. I am committed to doing more of this work with Donna and highly recommend her.

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"The work we’ve had done together is rippling to own my emotions and communicate instead of making assumptions and accusations. I’m finding forgiveness for myself, honor my hurts, and healing towards my wholeness." - EL

“I absolutely loved your work and feel like it is shifting a whole huge way of thinking of myself and my future.” - Meg

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